Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well well .. I've finally done it. I will be leaving the fine instituation of Eastern Washington University this coming March. My classes will be done, all my papers will be signed and I will take my final steps across the campus mall. The weird thing about it is that I've avoided graduation for the past few quarters.
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It's like I was saying about being a semi-adult. I've made the choices but I'm not ready to accept the consequences should they not turn out in my favor. I might have to actually quit Costco and lose the security I've had for the past 3.5 years and leave the dear streets of Cheney, WA.

My new favorite website is because it allows me to know that jobs are out there that I am passionate about. There is nothing better to me that the prospect of being a Greek Life Advisor or Student Affairs Administrator. I love the college atmosphere.

The best part about it too is that I can go anywhere in the country ... ahhhh the prospect of travel. I'm over the idea of WA state currently. Yes it's fun and it's the place I call home but there is nothing here for me. And I don't hate it .. so the worst thing that can happen is I come back home.

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Dan said...

Bravo, Claire. Face those fears. Nice picture of the campus, too.