Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not so bad after all ..

So my Christmas was much better than expected, after a few setbacks.

I came home on the night of the 23th to a flooded apartment, a cell phone didn't charge and a landlord who refused to answer his phone. After soaking up all the water we could with towels and mats, we went to bed after a few margaritas. Jeff (the awesome landlord) comes pounding on my door at 8am and harasses me about how this could be prevented, even though I took all the necessary steps to prevent the flood from spreading. He then tells me that his work day ends at noon that day. Ummm ... you are a landlord, you don't have the luxury of having a 'work day'.

So Ashton and I get on the road and although I expected the roads to be much worse, we get to Tri Cities in a timely fashion. We go to Dad's and have a GREAT Christmas. Everyone got the things they wanted and more and there was only a few attitude problems.

On Christmas morning, I head to my mom's house for what I was expecting to be the most uncomfortable Christmas day of my life. Although it wasn't the highlight, I survived and didn't even have to get drunk to remain civil :] After dinner and gifts, I went back to Dads and then off to meet friends for a drink - always a blast.

On the 26th, I headed to Walla Walla to see Austin and his wonderful family. They spoiled me with perfume, a homemade cookbook (which is my new favorite!) and this amazing chapstick that I've wanted. After a long day of nothing, we played my new favorite card game - GOLF - until the wee hours of the night accompanied with wine and we tried the beer I got for Ross.

I think that the reason this holiday season was one of the best I've had is because I made up my mind to have a good day. No matter where I was or which family I was with, I put myself in a good mood by remembering that sometimes people are crazy but they are family!

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Dan said...

Good post, Claire. I am so proud to be your Dad.