Saturday, March 28, 2009

A True Hero: Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk Pictures, Images and Photos
Harvey was born on May 22, 1930 and was an American politician and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He was not elected to office until his fourth time running but his spirit was never broken.

The movie "Milk" is the most inspiring movie I have ever seen. From the first public rally to the horrific ending in which he is murdered, I was mesmerized. Movies like this are the kind that need to be in public schools, movies that show that love is love, not a social institution. Marriage is not about a man & a woman; but about a true bond, a true love that exists between two beings.

People that have such hatred for homosexuals is the most frustrating thing I can think of. When in recent conversation with several friends I have become even more bewildered. They say "I don't understand the gay lifestyle" and my response to them is that homosexuals have the same lifestyle we do. They go to work, school, the grocery store, bars, and on dates, and they have the same interest as heterosexuals do.

As an American culture we need to keep fighting. We need to stand up for all people; whether white, black, gay, straight, rich, poor and everything in between. We have one heart and until it beats as one ... We will not be a United States of America.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life Update

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything serious. The most interesting things that have happened are: 1)I got a tattoo. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." [Jimi Hendrix]
2) I will be heading to Austin, TX for my visit in just over a week! I am beyond excited to be able to go on this crazy adventure! My girlfriend, Beth, will be accompanying me and when we get back, Austin won't know what him!
3) I've become a member of Most people get a little freaked out when they hear about all this, but is such a cool thing. It is about learning about and experiencing new cultures with people who are as openminded as you are.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When you have a bad day .. go to this website: You will feel like your problems are so miniscule.

"Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, "Why'd you do that??" He said, "I have lice, now you have lice too!" FML"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Austin - HERE I COME!

I'm needing a change of scenery and I've found my calling. Hopefully I'll be on the road to Austin, TEXAS by mid-September. After having wanted to go there for the last 2 years, I've made a decision to actually do it.

Do I know anyone that lives in Austin? Nope.
Why do I want to go there? I have NO IDEA! This place just reaches out to me with a sweet hand saying "Come home .. "

The plan, as of now, is to take a vacation there in March for about a week. Check out some apartments, all the different communities, see the nightlife, check out the campus (University of Texas) and really see if I can live there.

After my vacation and my obsession for Austin grows further, I will hopefully be moving there in September of 09. At first, I wanted to move immediately after my lease was up in Spokane. After talking with my dear ole Dad, I realized though that if I moved home with him for a few months, I'd be able to save more money and really say goodbye to the people that I will miss the most, my crazy family.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Falling out of Love

To me, love is not something that changes in a day, or really even a week. In my experience, there has always been something, one moment in time, that you know you aren't in love anymore. It might be a new controversial movie you go see together and come out with different views, maybe it's a weekend at either of your parents houses and you realize they aren't 'the one'.

My boyfriend, Austin, and I have broken up this past week and I was told at first that he needed to 'figure out his life'. I can handle that and thought although it came on quickly, I would be alright and so would our relationship. Hoping he would realize that he couldn't live his life without me.

When we were talking last night, I asked him if this was a permanent breakup and he said yes. I was completely heartbroken and after pressing the issue, I asked "What. Did you just fall out of love with me?" Much to my dismay, his reply was simply "Yes." Apparently it wasn't my personality, looks, friends, lifestyle or morals.

Again I heard, "It's not you, it's me." Is there something wrong with me that after months of complete happiness someone starts to think, ehh .. that was fun, and begin to move on to bigger and greater things?

Love is the history of a woman's life; it is an episode in man's.
~ Germaine De Stael

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not so bad after all ..

So my Christmas was much better than expected, after a few setbacks.

I came home on the night of the 23th to a flooded apartment, a cell phone didn't charge and a landlord who refused to answer his phone. After soaking up all the water we could with towels and mats, we went to bed after a few margaritas. Jeff (the awesome landlord) comes pounding on my door at 8am and harasses me about how this could be prevented, even though I took all the necessary steps to prevent the flood from spreading. He then tells me that his work day ends at noon that day. Ummm ... you are a landlord, you don't have the luxury of having a 'work day'.

So Ashton and I get on the road and although I expected the roads to be much worse, we get to Tri Cities in a timely fashion. We go to Dad's and have a GREAT Christmas. Everyone got the things they wanted and more and there was only a few attitude problems.

On Christmas morning, I head to my mom's house for what I was expecting to be the most uncomfortable Christmas day of my life. Although it wasn't the highlight, I survived and didn't even have to get drunk to remain civil :] After dinner and gifts, I went back to Dads and then off to meet friends for a drink - always a blast.

On the 26th, I headed to Walla Walla to see Austin and his wonderful family. They spoiled me with perfume, a homemade cookbook (which is my new favorite!) and this amazing chapstick that I've wanted. After a long day of nothing, we played my new favorite card game - GOLF - until the wee hours of the night accompanied with wine and we tried the beer I got for Ross.

I think that the reason this holiday season was one of the best I've had is because I made up my mind to have a good day. No matter where I was or which family I was with, I put myself in a good mood by remembering that sometimes people are crazy but they are family!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season ..

It seems to me that every Christmas is the same. The same questions pop up, the same food is eaten and the same people are there.

This year, it's the same but very different. At first, I thought that work would dominate my holiday season and so far it's not been that way, which has been nice. I have several more days off than I usually do but it's almost made things worse. I have more time now to see the people I want to see but also feel obligated to see the one's I'm supposed to see.

Plus, there aren't even any cute babies in my family to play with.
Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm getting to the point where I want to do my own Christmas and if people want to come see me, come on over! This holiday was based on joy, life and minimal gifts. It is a Christian holiday and celebrating it seems empty unless you are a strong Christian, which I am not.

Do I love seeing my family? Generally
Do I love receiving gifts? Yes
Do I love buying gifts for other people? Absolutely
Do I love all the questions I'm asked year and year again? Not particularly

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!